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Human Resource

When creating Employee Satisfaction Surveys you will need a good and stable platform to work on. Forget all manual labor with Questionnaires, we make it a lot smarter for you to work with focus on your result. Examinare Crew offer fantastic support from real business consultants that know what you are talking about. We do not leave anything to chance and we never compromise on our professional secrecy. We would never dream of resell your information. That is why 100’s of Human Resource customers talks with us first.

Sales Managers

Satisfied Customers always influence and make good business ethics but unsatisfied customer evolve your company. From feedback is the key to convert unsatisfied customers into praising customers who will talk about you all the time they get a chance. Start by evaluating your business today. Examinare have all the technology you ever need to reach out by email, sms, social media and a lot more.

Website Owners

Getting much traffic but low converting, find out why by asking your visitors. With the help of our wonderful invitation functionality they will get invited automatically. All you need to do is to include a small code and it is setup. Examinare will do the rest for you, easy, secure and safe. If you have a community and need more than just a code, contact our Support Department, support is included always.


Need a powerful framework to integrate Survey or Questionnaire handling functions. With the help of our fantastic Examinare API you can with minimal code make new Surveys / Questionnaires deploy to your contacts and get the results back instantly. If you need Developer Support are you in the right place. We have fantastic Support by both Business and Software developers.

Project Managers

Every project is important and there is no time to waste. Do a follow up Questionnaire after every completed Project and you will get more insights on where to focus on improvement during next project. If you need help with what to ask and how to ask them you are welcome to contact our Customer Support for superb guidance.

Customer Service Centers

Follow up every Support call with a Service Assessment Questionnaire, that way you get to know your customers even better. Our feedback servers are awaiting your requests and we have a strong Examinare API for all your integration needs. We have fantastic Support by both Business and Software developers.


In Examinare our goal is that the end user, regardless of computer experience, should be able to create online surveys easily and directly on our server. To make sure you are not bored with details and functions you do not need.

Examinare Integrations

Extend your Examinare experience with the functions you need. We have all you need to Extend it as you wish, from already made modules to Examinare API.

Survey Consultancy

We can create your next Customer Surveys, Delivery Feedback, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Project Follow-up Surveys, Public Polls, Website Surveys and many more for you. Ask for a Price Quotation, today!

Product Tour

”We used Examinare for a big research project with a large group of patients in all over Sweden and the results was used in a European Funded project that was operated in the same time. Since we used very sensitive data we decided to use Examinare and that was the best decision we could make.”

-Professor Ingela Fehrman-Ekholm

”Thank you for as always, wonderful service!”

-Thomas Bardenstam

”I help companies to supply a continuance flow of wow! in their business. To make a reality-check with my customers I use Examinare API connected to my website. This way I can easier make a plan of how I can get my customer to supply WOW! Service to their customers!”

-Tomas Lydahl

”We use Examinare for our Scandinavian Market. With Examinare we now know what our customers think and keep us up to date with their needs.”

-Mats Jepson

Survey Consultancy

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Without customer feedback you are fishing in the dark! Get to know your customers expectations and deliver above them!

Delivery Feedback

Without customer feedback you are fishing in the dark! Get to know your customers expectations and deliver above them!

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Happy employees make a better job! Measure working climate and employee’s expectations and make them loyal to your company!

Project Follow-up Surveys

Evaluate milestones, project goals and overcome difficulties. The best project is always the project with the best follow-up.

Public Polls

Make the public work for you so you can work for the public without using all your resources at one task. Instant feedback is the best feedback!

Website Surveys

Without customer feedback you are fishing in the dark! Get to know your customers expectations and deliver above them!

Survey Tools...

..make it easy to create online surveys and online questionnaires.
We are the best one, Examinare.

Examinare is a powerful, easy-to-use survey tool. In our service you will be able to create web-based online surveys, questionnaires and mobile surveys. You can easily do this directly through your account at Examinare. You can share your surveys and online questionnaires by e-mail, website, cell phone texts, or any other method you see fit. To make it very simple for you, we have come up with a number of easy answering methods for creating questions with help of our software. This way you get the most out of Examinare, and can use your survey as a powerful tool to achieve your specified goals. The Examinare survey tool is so simple to use and user-friendly that even people with little computer experience will be able to navigate through the survey you created.

The forms you create with Examinare are protected by SSL. This level of protection for your online questionnaires and information is the best available in Internet services today! You wont be able to achieve the same results without special knowledge. Here at Examinare, we save you the trouble. You don't have to worry about security because we have already done it for you. To receive more information about Examinare and the advantages it can provide for you and your business, you can contact us through e-mail, phone, or online consultation. Contact details are available by clicking on the Contact Us page about sales and support.

”We use Examinare for work related studies for both government agencies and private corporations. Examinare have always delivered world-class support to us.”

-Martin Persson

”In my work as to assist with evaluations in EU-projects, it is important to have a platform that is secure, professional and easy to use. Examinare always deliver high-level support and the Examinare is the best on the market.”

-Stefan Hansson