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Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQ)

Do you provide phone support?

We provide Support by Phone, Email and Chat during office hours in Swedish and English. Dedicated Support in additional languages is available for an extra fee.

Do you offer Survey Consultancy for creating questionnaires and extended analysis?

Absolutely! We have Survey Consultants on stand-by ready for your project.

What languages are available in the Examinare platform?

Examinare is available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Filipino (Tagalog), Hindi, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).

I am a software developer and I want to use Examinare for my projects, is this possible?

Of course! Contact our Support department for a quotation and for technical discussion.

We would like to use Examinare for a few months only without a long contract for a time-limited project. Is this possible?

Absolutely! We have been working with time-limited projects since 2006.

Where is Examinare located?

Our office is located in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Do you develop web projects for clients?

We do! To estimate the price, we will need to get more information on what you want to achieve and we will be happy to supply you with the best service you can find on the net!