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Clinic Evaluator

Patient / Customer Satisfaction Surveys for your Clinic.

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Examinare AB

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About Integration

Clinic Evaluator is a solution for controlling patient satisfaction and quality of the provided services. Being tailored to the specifics of the medical clinics, it requires minimal learning and staff training, that is why it can be deployed in the shortest time and in any medical institution.

Organize anonymous or individual surveys, base the results on the received services, keep track on the treating doctors and specialists. Clinic Evaluator analyses the received data in real time, calculates CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) for every work area separately, thus identifying and showing what needs to be improved in the work of your institution.

One of the unique features of Clinic Evaluator is a built-in VAS (Visual Analogue Scale).
Visual Analogue Scale is a self-report measure consisting of 10 bullet points, each representing one extreme of the intensity of pain. The respondent indicates the present pain level, which can later be compared with one after the medical treatment at the clinic.

Clinic Evaluator includes consultancy service, in terms of which our survey expert will create an individual survey for your clinic based on your current situation and requirements. Our dedicated tech team will carry out all the necessary work for implementing the solution in your institution. Thus, after ordering an account you can rest assured that all the other work on organizing the system will be done on the highest level possible and without the need of involving your internal staff.

Our platform can be used for organizing the flow of customer satisfaction surveys in dental, veterinary, chiropractic and other types of clinics.

Installation Instructions

To get started with Clinic Evaluator contact Examinare and order an account.