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Food Evaluator

Satisfaction Surveys for Restaurants and Coffee Shops.

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Examinare AB

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About Integration

With Food Evaluator you can easily setup a Customer Satisfaction Survey in your Restaurant or Coffee Shop. All that you need to do is order an account type matching your needs. Our survey expert will develop an individual survey for your restaurant, while our tech staff makes the integrational work for you. All the described services are already included into any type of the account. After this you can easily load Food Evaluator on the tablet or smartphone inside your restaurant/coffee shop.

After Meal or Purchase.

Your guests have enjoyed the meal in your restaurant or have just bought a coffee in your shop. With Food Evaluator loaded on your tablet or phone, you hand it over to your customer for answering the survey. Of course, Food Evaluator can be also set to send the survey automatically to the customer’s email.

Your customer answers the survey.

After the customer has answered the survey, he/she can be rewarded for the participation by you. All responses are marked with time and day, so you can track the food quality, service etc. according to the certain date or shift.

See the results in real-time.

After receiving the feedback, you can follow the results in real-time. See your new menus performance and compare them with the old ones. Find out how your customers grade your staff service. Make adjustments to your business according to the customer feedback.

Installation Instructions

To get started with Food Evaluator then contact Examinare and order an account.