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About Integration

Class Evaluator makes it easy to conduct ongoing course evaluations. Now studying the success of your courses and making other types of investigations among the learning groups is easy and quick to implement.

Import your class participants within seconds (manually or using lists in Excel, Google Docs, Open Office etc.) and set up the system survey sending behavior (immediately or within a certain time). Create different language versions of the same questionnaire and organize individual researches among various training groups. Class Evaluator will then collect, analyze the results and display them in the informative simple or advanced charts in real time. Customer Satisfaction Score will be also calculated automatically for all of your surveys, making the perception of the complicated research areas easier and clearer.

The solution includes consulting services in terms of which our experts will develop the individual questionnaire for your training courses and give advices on the best way of its implementation. Also, all the integrational and any technical work for your institution is being performed by our specialists. So, all you need to do is order an account and Examinare dedicated team will do the rest and set up Class Evaluator to bring you individual Course Evaluations with included CSAT.

Installation Instructions


To start using Class Evaluator you will need your credentials for your Examinare Customer Zone and your API-details from your Examinare account. You then login to Class Evaluator with these details and from there from you can then setup all the steps for making Class Evaluator work for you.

Examinare will support you all the way.

As soon as you have started on the implementation of Class Evaluator, contact Examinare Support Team at and do not forget to send Examinare CompanyID and from the email connected to your Examinare Survey Tool account.

We are looking forward to helping you get started.

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