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Examinare AB

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About Integration

Stay Evaluator is a customer satisfaction tool for hotel establishments. It is able to automatically send out the feedback invites according to the provided settings, collect and analyze the results and calculate important marks for each working area of your hotel.

However, Stay Evaluator account also includes a whole bunch of professional services. Firstly, our survey expert develops an individual survey for your hotel after learning your goals and needs. Secondly, our tech team works on the setup and integrates Stay Evaluator into your back-office system.

Hotel Guest Feedback Survey

When a guest stays at your hotel, his email and name is entered into the reception form inside Stay Evaluator. The process is quick and simple (takes 15 seconds at maximum). When the time (set by you) comes, the system sends the survey invite to your customer’s email address. After the customer gives his answers, Stay Evaluator thoroughly analyses the results and displays informative charts together with other important performance indicators in real time.

You can setup both the initial email and the follow-up email directly inside Stay Evaluator.

All results include CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

All the results inside Stay Evaluator are displayed with CSAT calculations. Thus, as the hotel owner you can easily check your satisfaction score at any time and detect what goes wrong and what areas should be improved as soon as possible.

Installation Instructions

To get started with Stay Evaluator then contact Examinare and order an account.