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About Integration

Why Cancel is a system and service for tracking customer unsubscriptions and account cancellations. After one of the above is occurred, Why Cancel catches customer data automatically and according to the instructions sends a quick survey (immediately or after a certain period of time) for finding the reason of customer’s decision. Received data is then thoroughly processed by our analytical engine and presented in rich and understandable graphics and charts.

Identifying the problem is the first step for its elimination. This is the principle behind our solution. Why Cancel can be effectively used in the workflow of the companies, which provide services, sell products online, as well as for those, which strive for reaching the maximum amount of people with their newsletters.

Track online cancellations within your website or service.

If you have a subscription service, then Why Cancel is the best tool you can have for tracking the reasons of the occurring cancellations. Every organization has cancellations, but missing why most of your customers cancel their accounts or subscriptions is not good from a business perspective.

Know more of why they unsubscribe from your newsletter.

When readers stop subscribing for your newsletter, there is always more than 1 reason. By including Why Cancel to your cancellation flow, you can send a survey with the exact questions you need to know, not the questions your newsletter provider thinks are good to know.

After ordering an account in Why Cancel, our survey experts will prepare an individual survey working in the best way in your exact case. Afterwards our tech specialists will connect Why Cancel to your website/system absolutely free of charge.

Installation Instructions

To get started with Why Cancel then contact Examinare and order an account.