Create Invitation Window for Websites

To invite website visitors on your website you may use our ready-made Pop-up framework. This functionality differs from normal Pop-ups since it is not restricted by Antiviruses and Pop-up blockers.

Start by publishing your Survey in “Public Mode”. Go to “Surveys”->”Edit” on the Survey you want to add the pop-up window for and click “Distribute”. Here you will find an option called “Alternative (JavaScript Pop-up).

Start by finding the color style of your choice by clicking on different styles. After you have found the one you want to use, you need to enter a message that your respondents will see, when you invite them to your Survey. You may include files in the message window.

When you feel your invitation window is ready to launch, click on “Show” button to get the code you need to enter on your website. The invitation window will be displayed only once per website visitor. If you need help in customizing the flow and design of the standard invitation window, please contact our Support team.

Please note: There may be a warning while adding images in the editor fields. This warning is normal and can be safely ignored. If you need any assistance, please contact our Support team.