SMS-in your easy way of collecting recipients


Sms-in is another of the functions in Examinare that we released in Examinare during the summer. With Sms-in you can easy create a phrase that your recipients write in a sms and send to one of our Examinare sms-in numbers. When Examinare receive their sms it will send out a new sms with a attached survey of your choise.

If you connect your sms-in phrase to a Magic Poll it will automatically register your recipient vote according to the options in the poll. If there is no such option it will be labeled "Other" and excluded in your magic poll, but you can still read all the polls.

If you want to start using sms-in it will be real easy for you to start. If you need extra help then chat directly to the supportstaff online.

What about the costs?

The sms-in numbers are free of charge and does not cost your recipients anything extra. Normal SMS-rate apply.