Evaluate your old customer zone before building a new one


When seeking to improve the company's customer zone, you always have to put yourselves in the eyes of your users. Examining, what needs to be changed in it makes your user's life easier without need to increase the efficiency of your support department. Many improvement projects today mostly consist of design improvements. Appearance is important, of course, but not all the visual improvements provide a better experience for your customers. The actual technical improvements make their day.

Many companies base their improvements on support requests and inquiries, but it means that requests ranging from three months to several years old have to be taken into account. Examining what your customer’s dream of give a good benchmark for the future. But it is not the only design features that is interesting for the companies. They also want to reduce their costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Some points that might help you in the decision to evaluate the customer zone.

As an example, we'll do an upgrade of a client zone, which is approximately 6 years old and its best days are in the past. Developing a new customer zone, you have to make it look better, but if your technicians gets fully focused on the good look of the customer zone, then you will pay for the development hours that are pure design hours in fact. If your technicians cost your business about 600 SEK per hour and they're working with the wrong functions and do not have the right focus materials under a project of 150 hours, this means that the project has a cost of 90 000 SEK (aprox. 14 000 USD)/worker.

If you have a workforce of three people, it means that these 150 hours will very likely last about 200 hours instead ($ 120 000). However, cost is not everything. If your actions in the entire project based on the series of guesses do not enrich your customers, then you will lose a number of them after this development.

If instead of the mentioned above you do a follow-up questionnaire in your customer zone, then you'll know exactly what your customers think of your old customer zone and which parts of it are mostly used. It will allow you to distribute the work easily instead of guessing on each step.

Aim for continuous automated surveys when you upgrade.

2014 creates new customer zone needs. In this situation, automatic follow-ups are a must and this is one of the strengths of Examinare survey tool. A wise decision is to send a follow-up survey at a terminated support case so that your customers can directly answer how well have you taken care of their important support case.

As a conclusion, we want to say that there is always a room for improvement and if you want to create a good flow of automated customer surveys or evaluate your customer zone, you are welcome to visit us at Examinare and ask for a quotation.

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