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Whether you want to create one or more Internet Surveys you need to get maximum exposure to your respondents. Not all Surveys are for a customer base that is current in your company but there is often a need of getting your Internet Surveys into the eyes of as many people as possible and then the exposure mediums you chose to use is very important for the success of your Internet Surveys.

Below you can find some of our favorite exposure channels amongst online and offline channels:

  • Facebook sharing: When sharing your Internet Surveys on Facebook you can get a high exposure of the Survey and the people whom answer will share by to their friends and off you go. But this is not always the best channel only sharing to a small group of people in this manner. To amplify the exposure you can add Facebook advertising of the Survey and in that way get more people that is outside your and your business circles to take your Internet Surveys.
  • Twitter sharing: When sharing your Internet Surveys on Twitter this will give direct exposure to the Survey and you can get answers this way but it is not the ultimate channel since the timeline is always more short in Twitter. Sometimes this channel can convert very well if the Internet Surveys are connected to Research or Subjects about subjects that feel controversial or engage people emotionally.
  • Links on your website: Adding the link to the Internet Surveys on your website can sometimes be a very powerful way of getting an aimed audience to answer your Internet Surveys. It is not always the best channel if you want to get global users that do not visit your website. If you are looking for a special local or want to get answers from only people whom visit your website then this channel is a good way of getting votes.
  • Offline advertisement: In some cases you need answers from people locally and without having their contact details. In these cases it is not easy to facilitate Internet Surveys. Well there is of course a powerful way with Examinare Survey Tool to make this a reality. If you for instance advertise on billboards and on posters in bus stops and other places where most people move around during daytime you will get maximum exposure. You can then use the QR-codes generated in Examinare and the respondents can scan it and answer directly in their Cellphone.
  • SMS voting connected to deployment of Internet Surveys: Sounds very advanced but this is made really easy in Examinare and instead of the QR-code then the recipients of your Internet Surveys can SMS a short code to a cellphone number and our system will send our the links for your Internet Surveys automatically. This way you can get their contact details and make sure only 1 person per cell phone can answer on your Internet Surveys. If you involve any type of price to a handful of people it is also easier to draw a winner when you have all contact details. Read more about our SMS-IN functionality in our Manual here.
  • Build your own Survey Panel: When you use our Survey Tool software in combination with our Panel software you can easily grow your own Survey Panel. You chose yourself if you want to manually approve all respondents or the system will automatically check the recipients before making time live in the system. You will then easily chose what target groups is valid for the current Internet Survey. Contact us for more information at
  • Buy answers from an Internet Panel: When buying Internet Panel members answers you will easily and fast get access to votes on your Surveys. This alternative is both cost wise and good for a person whom only creates a small amount of Internet Surveys per year. Contact us for more information.

Whatever publishing channel your chose is for your Internet Survey you will need to get the Internet Surveys organized in a manner that inspires people to answer it. We at Examinare specializes on all these publishing channels and we know how to help you get the maximum exposure for your Internet Surveys. We can also plan and deploy your Internet Surveys easy and within budget. With Examinare you always know what your Survey Project will cost before.

Contact us today and we will help you get the maximum exposure of your Internet Surveys.  

This article is about Examinare the Survey Tool.
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