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Evaluate Trade Shows are there to secure your investment of all time and money you have invested into a Trade Fair. By evaluating the Trade Fair with a questionnaire you can actually map your investment on how the audience have received your message. By using this data together with the contact details it generates then you can make sure to fill your sales pipeline and more benefits is revealed below in our tips and tricks. To evaluate Trade Shows you can use many methods, we will focus on 2 methods that we believe is the two best ones.

Evaluate Trade Shows method 1, Sink-in method:

By collecting the contact details of the persons visiting your Trade Show area you can use Examinares easy import method and send out a questionnaire to every person whom been visiting your booth in the trade show. We can promise you will get very surprised by the result!

For using this method to evaluate trade shows you will need the email information of every visitor in your booth and also they need to be informed that you will be sending it to them. Mostly it is just to pass the information to them so that they know about it. You do not want to wait too long after the Trade Show to send out the questionnaire. If you have waited more than 2 weeks then it can have a negative effect and it will be better to call every visitor up on the phone. Sink-in method is normally best used 2-5 days after the meeting.

- You can mix questions with control questions.

- You will get bigger response ratio if your give something away.

- Keep questions to maximum 10.

- Do not guess, let us at Examinare create the questions for you.

Evaluate Trade Shows method 2, Instant method:

This method to evaluate Trade Shows is mainly focused on Business to Consumer (B2C) Trade shows. By publishing a questionnaire with Examinare and combine this with a QR-code for the cellphone your visitors can scan the code and answer the questions in your questionnaire.

The main reason for this questionnaire is to fill your sales pipeline and secondary evaluate your Trade show investment. This method also need a price to work, consumers normally do not answer questions without having a price to fight for. The good news is that the price will make the consumers more tolerant to the amount of questions you ask. A rule of thumb is also More expensive price = More answers.

- You can inform all consumers about special offers in the questions.

- Prices must exist to get consumers to answer.

- Maximum 20 questions if the price is big enough.

- Prospects normally answer within 10 minutes.

- Avoid guessing, let Examinare create the project for you.

When you evaluate Trade Shows it is highly recommended that you market the questionnaire on adverts or a very visual placement to fill your sales pipeline in the end. To get back your evaluation investment you should have at least 20% of the persons to be aimed prospects and more than maximum 20% of the identified prospects to bring sales worth to fund the entire evaluation project.

Contact us for a plan on how to Evaluate Trade Shows.

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