Automatic Text Analysis of Free Text Questions in Examinare Survey Tool.


The Examinare Crew have the pleasure to present that Examinare Survey Tool now automatically and in real-time analyses all free text questions for you! The Analyzing is done by cross referencing all the text with known phrases in all languages to remove all short words like “and”, “or” and other similar phrases. We have during this year 2014 gathered all the normal phrases that is the most common languages and compiled them into a comprehensive database. It is important to inform you that the automatic text analysis do not share any of your information to work. The analyzing is totally separated from all other customers in Examinare.

How can I tell Examinare Survey Tool to start analyzing my questions?

All accounts on Examinare Survey Tool are already enabled with this functionality so you can start with the analyzing now for every survey / form / questionnaire you have in Examinare today.

If I want to switch off the Text analysis, can I do this for an individual survey?

You can set the Text analyzing Configuration individually for every Survey. You can switch off all the functionality totally in your account and just activate for 1 Survey. You can also set the sensitivity level of the Text Analysis by setting minimum amount of votes and minimum amount of letters in the word. You can even switch it to 0 to get all words analyzed including the normal words like "and" etc.

What question types can use this functionality?

All question types that lets the user add a text answer and as usual you do not need to an analyzing expert to get the results you are looking for and you can even get the Automatic Text Analysis printed in the Word and PDF report versions.

Do the Automatic Text Analysis adapt to the analyzing in the Reports and Charts mode?

When you use the Show Charts functionality in the Reports and Charts, the choices will adjust the Automatic Text Analysis on the fly. That means that you can see the impact it will have if the person is a certain age or come from a certain town. You can also match this with the Recipients background data in Examinare. You can analyze the needs from the background data to reflect if the working environment within different companies and branches and compare it to another group.

How do I find more information about this functionality and how to use it in the most optimal way?

Automatic Text Analysis have its own page in our Help pages and there is also a short Video Tutorial with step to step instructions on how to use it the most effective way. You can access the help page directly inside Examinare Survey Tool by pressing the “?”.

We hope you find the Automatic Text Analysis addition to the Examinare Survey Tool an extremely usable feature and that it will save you time in your analyzing. As always all feedback is more than welcome, both good and bad.

Not a Customer yet?

On our page which describes our Survey Tool you can find more information and you can always ask our Crew by Online Chat directly here on the website.

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