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Why is it not profitable to build your own Survey Forms.

Business climate today is like any other climate, we want to save money. Don’t understand me wrong, saving money is good and all companies should always try to save budget and try to invest wiser than before. Some things however is not good to save on and that is business information. With business information I mean communication with customer, communication with employees and common business interactions.

When building a Survey form internally in your company you want to maximize the use of the information and at the same time keep to budget. What most companies miss out is that they will use internal resources like a webmaster or some other web resource to invent the wheel time after time. This will make your internal resource busy with building your Survey forms and then when changes are applied there is a must to make the changes fast.

Most webmaster will take hours and hours building their own survey forms and solutions. For a non-technical person it is easy to think that changes are done with a click of a mouse, for the Developer however it can sometimes take hours. This time waste will of course not show up in any budgets directly but it will show up in productivity and unnecessary stress for the Developer.

When using a standardized Survey tool like Examinare you keep your developer free todo what they should be doing and that is to be the webmaster. The most likely scenario is that developer will be only included in this work when a link needs to be posted or email list needs to imported. The rest of the time the webmaster can improve the navigation on your website, add content on your websites and more. This will free up time for both you as a manager and the Developer.

Sometimes the Survey Forms tool needs to be enabled to transfer information over to HR Programs, Back office system etc. This will be an easy task for your Developer to-do since Examinare have an API that is built to cover all your needs in data exchange. This way your Developer only need to ask for the information with the help of any Computer Language that is accessible to him and Examinare will give back the information.

Your developer can already now see what API functionality that is available to him at our API Docs reachable at and if you have any questions be sure to send an email to and we will be sure to find a solution for you to build Survey Forms easy and within your allocated Resources and Budget.

Start using Survey Forms with Examinare Survey Tool today and we will make sure you have what you need. If you are interested in our Survey tool then you can try a Examinare Business account for free for 7 days here by clicking the top left link.