Survey Tool

Offer: Send out customer surveys automatically from your e-commerce system. Free connection.

By supplementing your e-commerce system with automated customer satisfaction survey, you can then continuously know what your customers think and now we at Examinare made it even easier. We will help you to plug your customer satisfaction survey into your e-commerce system. After integration your e-commerce system will automatically send out your customer surveys automatically with automatic reminders, if no answer is received within 3-7 days.

How do I know that our e-commerce is supported?

Examinare already has support for connection to a variety of e-commerce systems, but if there is no known link today, we’ll create one for your particular system. The best part is that you will get this connection made at no extra cost.

Why should we send out customer surveys, when we have an e-commerce system?

Once you have an e-commerce or a web shop, there can be many factors that make a customer buy from you only once and then not order again. Some go to competitors and you will never know why, if you do not ask them. With our offer, you will be asking your customers automatically without needing to actually do anything except working on completing your orders. Every completed survey questionnaire will give you a clear picture of what is needed to be changed or not.

The answers to customer surveys can be shown periodically and then you can see the progress over time.

Send us an email to with the heading “E-commerce Customer Survey” or phone us on UK: +44 1559 260000 or US: +1 (845) 377 2000 for more information about the offer. You will not be disappointed.

What is included in this offer?

Examinare connect automated customer surveys to your e-commerce system. For ordering an Examinare Unlimited account and to ensure that the technology works, please contact our sales department. You can reach us at UK: +44 1559 260000 or US: +1 (845) 377 2000 or label the email “E-commerce Customer Survey”.