How to use SPSS in the best way when analysing the Survey Results.


When analysing the survey results from your Examinare Survey Tool account, you need to be able to know how to export the structured DATA from the survey and import it into a good statistical tool like SPSS or even the open source version, PSPP. In this article we will give you some instructions. To get even more use from your statistical work, we refer you to read about the syntax of SPSS or PSPP. This information is available on the official websites.

However, let’s go back to the survey construction work before we delve into analysing.

When creating a Survey with Examinare Student Version of Examinare Survey Tool, construct it in a way to use as few open text questions, as you can. Thus it will be easier to get the answers into SPSS or PSPP. If you want to use open text questions, then the best way to get the most out of results is combining them with the available Multiple choice question types.

How to export and download the SPSS formated file from Examinare Survey Tool.

All the Surveys created in Examinare have an SPSS formated file with the results available in real-time. If you have already saved a special filter, then there is a formatted file for these results. The files are available in .sps file format.

To download the file, navigate to the Surveys Reporting tab and click the Reports button (blue one). Here you can download the SPSS formated file. If you need a file from a special filter, it can be downloaded by clicking on the row with the filter’s name.

The best way of importing results with Asian or Arabic font types.

When importing information with the content made in Asian or Arabic text from Examinare into SPSS, there can be a problem with its loading in some versions of SPSS. The solution to this is to use the SPSS formated file from Examinare and load it into PSPP that will support most of these languages. After inserting it into PSPP, you can save the file in SPSS formatted .sav file and then open it in the version of SPSS that you have. This way everything will be working. In the worst cases you will need to retype the questions in English and then save the file before you open it in SPSS.

How to start using Examinare Student Version of Examinare Survey Tool.

If you are a Student or a Teacher and have a valid Student or Teacher ID that you can send as a proof, then you are welcome to order Examinare Student Version directly on our website. If you are studying or working at a School that has a Faculty Version of Examinare Survey Tool, then you can get a free version of the tool activated by contacting your campus administration. To check if your administration has the Faculty Version, contact your Campus administration. If you work for the administration and want more info about the Faculty Version, then you are welcome to contact us on Sales to get enlisted to the Faculty Version of our Tool.

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