Survey Tool

Student Edition – Better than free platforms!

A survey Tool is only the start. We also have fast support always ready to help. You can create up to 2 Surveys with all survey features available, like manuals, video tutorials, online chat and email support. Everything is included in our 3 months Student Plan.

Example of Questionnaire: Computer version Mobile Phone version

Why is it better than free platforms?

With a free tool you do not get support or help when you need it. You will need to look for help in forums or old student information. We have fast email support and chat online. If we for some reason cannot help you on the first contact we will open a support case for 2nd line support where we have real survey consultants that can help you get your problem solved.

What can I use it for?

You may use your Examinare Student account for any surveys that are involved in your studies. You will need to send us a copy of your student ID and, if needed, an admittance paper from your university / college.

What happens after 3 months?

When you are finished with your survey project you can then cancel your account inside your customer panel and you will no longer be charged anything. You will keep the remaining time you have paid for. If you want to use the Examinare system you may do so up to 12 months. After 12 months you will need to upgrade to a Business or Unlimited account.

How do I order the Student Edition?

  1. Copy your Student ID and prepare to send it to us when order is finished.
  2. Order a student account and wait for confirmation.
  3. Send us the copy of the student ID to with the subject line: Student ID account number XXX. Where XXX is the companyID of your Examinare account.


Survey tool for technical students.

When making something technical really cool you will need a way to integrate with your users. When they have used the service or product then you can deploy a survey or a poll in seconds with Examinare API. The sky is the limit so why not get really technical without creating everything from scratch? API is included in the 3 months student version.

You can also use our API to control phone surveys distribution and Magic Polls™.

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