Layout in Examinare Survey Tool.

What makes your recipients willing to answer? Stylish design or functionality that everyone understands? With Examinare survey tool you do not have to choose! We have both. 

Logo, survey’s colors and form, Start Page, Thank You Page, font size and many other layout features are customizable. You can let your imagination fly and make the survey look just the way you need without any limitations.

Your Own Logo and Customizable Survey Look.

Use your own logotype and graphical style in one mouse click or get advanced and use our CSS styling code feature. If you change your logo, then you can update all the surveys by changing the logotype in one place. If you have projects that need a separate style then you can use that separately as easy as your main style within the same organization or project.

Any Worries About Poor Eyesight?
With Examinare respondents can control the size of the characters on their computer screen. All survey forms have functions for poor eyesight. With one mouse click text on all survey forms can be controlled and expanded to a larger font size.

Describe Your Survey in a Start Page and Finish With a Thank You Page.

If you want to start your survey with general information about your company’s purpose, just activate a Start Page on the survey form.

You are also welcome to use a Thank You Page! It will appear every time a survey is finished, and will be set for all your surveys.