Survey Tool

Campus administration console.
Account management directly online.

Faculty Program involves campus administration console for easy account management of your users. You can at any time increase or decrease the quantity of survey tool users and do this as much as needed. There is no need to keep accounts, which you do not use and pay for them, while at the same time, you can always add new teacher or student users without the neсessity to order a separate edition of the tool.

  • 5 EURO / Month / Student
  • 8 EURO / Month / Teacher
  • Minimum 100 Active Accounts
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Cancellation at any time after first 12 months

Individual for every user.

Convenience instead of confusions! In Faculty Edition every user has its own account. Thus, all the investigations for various purposes, surveys, recipients can be separated and every single user will have access only to the surveys which are created or imported by the user individually.

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